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Hear About us from Others

Very clever, I can see loved ones putting a tablet in an elderly relatives hand with your app already downloaded. I'll bet this makes old people smile and I like that, well done!

-Kevin Brooks from Re-Energize,

I like that BrightFlixx is specializing in classic and vintage films from around the world. This is a unique and interesting concept that would be appealing to many people. The platform is also easy to use and navigate, which makes it user friendly.

-feedback by dialogware.com,

This is lovely bring back memories and showcasing the classic to the world

-Jessica Lee,

Guys, you have amazing product here. Nowadays it is hard to find the good old classics to watch outside some shady torrent sites. I am glad that somebody is filling this gap. The price is too affordable to miss. It will drag potential customers very fast.

-Hisham Reid,